Muffin top diet diaries – Entry #3

Muffin top diet diaries – Entry #3

8th May 2017

Dear Diary,

As you may remember, last week I failed miserably at losing weight eating Special K on my Muffin Top diet.

So do you know what I did this week? I gave up on dieting altogether.

That’s right. No Special K, no 5:2, no counting calories. I simply stuffed into my gob whatever the hell I wanted. And it was glorious.

I still did my Bikini Body Guide workouts and tonnes of walking, but I didn’t spend a second pondering the perils of the crisps, cakes or coffees I devoured with ease. OK, I didn’t go that overboard, but I certainly didn’t hold back or monitor a single morsel.

Muffin Top Diet Exercise

Week 2 results

So I stepped on the scales this morning fully expecting to see them buckle under the strain of a woman eating like a normal human being.

Instead, I was shocked to discover that I’d lost a pound!

It’s not ground-breaking – but since this is the first week in about 20 that I haven’t been fasting or trying a fad diet, it’s pretty unexpected. In fact, it’s quite sodding annoying since I spent the previous week knee-deep in shitty cereal. If I’d known I could just get away with a bit of exercise and still eat what I wanted, I would have done it ages ago!


So what happens next?

Well, to be truthful, I think this pound of weight loss was just a bit of a fluke.

I walked my arse off (hopefully not literally) and probably didn’t overeat as much as I thought I did. However, I doubt I could sustain any kind of weight reduction by not paying attention to my diet. I’m not the healthiest human you’ve ever met. Far from it.

Instead, I’ve had the Slimming World principles explained to me by a friend and will be giving it a go for a week to see what happens. If it works for me, I may well sign up. The only problem is, I’m not great at organised dieting. Technically, I haven’t really tried it, since I usually have a bad case of CBA (can’t be arsed). But since I’m so close to making some real progress, I figured one week being hyer-regimented can’t hurt.

I’ve read  a few negative things about SW recently, despite many people raving about it. Apparently it doesn’t really help members learn about making healthy choices – but having been told how it works, it certainly sounds a damn-site healthier than I ever eat. So perhaps it is a good choice for the ‘I-have-no-time-nor-inclination-right-now-to-educate-myself-but-maybe-some-day’ camp that I fall into.

I’ll still be sticking to my 12 week exercise programme of course! Trusty old exercise always has my back.

Tune in (apparently this is a radio show now) next week to find out how I get on!

Love and salad,

Lucy x

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  1. May 10, 2017 / 12:31 pm

    Good luck with keeping at it!

    • muffintopmummyblog
      May 10, 2017 / 1:48 pm

      Thank you!

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