Active outdoor activities to enjoy with your family

Active outdoor activities to enjoy with your family

With the summer holidays coming up, we’re about to face one of the biggest parenting challenges of the year: keeping our kids occupied.

While sitting at home playing video games and watching cartoons all day sounds wonderful, your kids will probably get bored extremely quickly and it won’t take long for them to start whining about wanting to go outside, meet their friends or go on holiday. While the idea of a holiday seems fantastic, it’s a little expensive and chances are you don’t have any time to go abroad with them. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the summer holidays with some fun and active outdoor activities. To give you a little inspiration, here’s a short list of some of the most fun family adventures you can embark on.

Go Karting

Karting is perhaps one of the most fun activities for children. They get to speed around a track and race their siblings or friends. It’s like a video game, only they’re doing it in real life and not behind a television screen! Places like Lakeside Karting offer fantastic deals during the summer to cash in on that holiday rush to book spaces, so if you want an affordable day out with the family then don’t neglect the possibility of karting.

Laser Tag
As seen in the example with karting, it’s important to pick things for your children to do that they can connect with. For instance, if your children love playing video games, then karting works great because it feels like a game to them. On the other hand, if they like action-based video games, then they’ll definitely appreciate a day with their friends at a laser tag arena. You’ll strap on some gear, wield laser pistols and shoot each other to gain points. Though it does sound concerning and a little violent, it’s a harmless and adrenaline-filled activity that will surely make them happy.


If you fancy something a little more peaceful that can take place over a weekend, then try camping. Simply get some camping equipment such as stove, tent and sleeping bags, find a suitable campsite and then drive your family over. Some campsites offer plenty of unique activities such as swimming, group games and even sports. If you prefer something a little more relaxed, then consider a location that is further away from the cities so you can do a spot of hiking and view the beautiful country scenery.


People used to love bowling in the past, but it’s become somewhat of a forgotten thing nowadays. However, a bowling alley is the perfect one-stop location for an entire day’s worth of fun. Most bowling alleys come with arcade games to play, locations to eat, and other activities such as pool or even ice skating. Don’t be afraid to contact the bowling alley before hand if you want to bring more people along, such as relatives or friends of your children. Bowling alleys are usually very accommodating to large groups, and it’s perfect if you want to host a birthday party or special occasion.

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