Stop sibling rivalry from ruining your family vibe

Stop sibling rivalry from ruining your family vibe

Ahh, siblings.

Sometimes they love each other and create a perfectly happy family atmosphere. At other times though, their inevitable rivalries can be the most destructive thing known to man.

Even when you love each other and grow older, sibling rivalry will surface from time to time. You only have to think about the time my sister nearly ruined my life to see how it’s not all sunshine and rainbows, even when there is no malice involved.   

I may only have the one daughter (for now). But I’ve spoken to many friends about sibling rivalries to help you overcome the problems currently impacting your home life. Hopefully, these tips can be of assistance.

Avoid sibling rivalry

#1. Reward Joint Behaviour

Every young child should be rewarded and admonished for their actions. This is key to teaching them right from wrong in the world. But rather than simply using those methods for individual behaviour, why not focus on joint rewards too?

Reward and sticker charts are a great starting point. Meanwhile, medals from can be awarded after a big milestone. The great thing about these is that it celebrates both individual and group achievement at once.   

Of course, you’ll still need to find balance as one child shouldn’t suffer because the other has behaved badly. Nonetheless, as far as positive elements are concerned, treating them as a unit as well as individuals is very useful indeed.

#2. Find Something They Can Share (Well)

Problems with sharing are at the heart of many sibling rivalries. Whether it’s sharing toys or a bedroom, those issues can be very damaging indeed. Rather than forcing them to share through fear of punishments, encourage them to want to share.

There are many ways to achieve this goal. Many families find that getting a pet is the perfect way to unite their love. However, this is a serious decision, and you must weigh up the pros and cons. After all, it’s not fair to own a pet if you don’t have the time and funds to give it the love and attention it needs.

Plenty of alternatives are available, even if it’s something as simple as a co-op video game or sporting activity. When the children start to interact with each other through their own desires rather than yours, the rivalry will soon fade.

Happy siblings

#3. Teach The Concept Of Fairness

The friends I spoke to about this subject pretty much all said that “it’s not fair” is the most common complaint heard from siblings. Fairness isn’t about doing the same thing with each child, though. It’s about giving them equal love, care, and attention.

You already know this, but getting them to appreciate it can be tough. This guide at should provide huge support. Master this field, and you won’t only end the rivalry and bickering. You’ll additionally save yourself from a lot of boring and repetitive tasks.

Meanwhile, all children need to appreciate how responsibilities and other features change with age. Only then will they stop making the unreasonable demands that lead to sibling frustrations.

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