Banish the boring days and activate your kids this summer

Banish the boring days and activate your kids this summer

The summer holidays are here again.

The days of whisking your little darlings off to school with a kiss and a healthy packed lunch are to be replaced by the long summer days at home, taking part in craft activities, baking, and outdoor pursuits. Well, that’s the theory.

In reality, the good intentions that you have to ensure your child’s summer is rich and life enhancing tend to fall by the wayside after the first week. Kids nowadays are more content racing an Italian plumber and his brother around a racetrack on a Nintendo than they are playing hopscotch outside with friends. However, all is not lost!

Take a look at these ideas to get your kids more active this summer.

Use Your Garden

If your patch of lawn looks more like something out of the Day of the Triffids and you can’t see your expertly laid patio because of the overgrown weeds, it’s time to grab the secateurs to get trimming. A couple of hours and plenty of cuts and bruises later, you’ll have your serene outdoor space back.

Treat your kids to some new outdoor games and toys, and play with them. Kids like nothing more than having their parents making fools out of themselves for their amusement. Being enthusiastic about being outside will rub off on your kids. They’ll soon be waking up every morning, leaping on your bed at the crack of dawn and begging you to play another game of mother, may I.

Explore Your Area

There’s nothing better than setting off on an adventure with the kids.

If you’re country dwellers, venture off on a family walk. If you live in the city, you could head out geocaching and go treasure hunting. Your little cherubs will love having a go at reading a map and hunting high and low for little geocaches. A worldwide phenomenon, there are millions of these pieces of treasure all over the world creating the ultimate twenty-first century orienteering experience.

Check the weather forecast and on those inevitable rainy days, check out some local family days out to get the kids active indoors. You could head off to a trampoline park, roller skating arena or a gymnastics club to ensure your kids don’t use the downpour as an excuse to watch that DVD for the sixteenth time.

If your son or daughter has been hankering to experience an activity since Christmas, summer may be the best time to allow them the opportunity to have a go. They may want to be the next street dancer extraordinaire, a circus skills performer or try their hand at being the next great thespian. If it’s active and they seem keen, explore avenues that will help them enjoy a taster session. Your kids will learn new skills and make new friends along the way.

The summer holidays have traditionally been a time where best-laid plans have often gone to waste. Make this summer different and enjoy the free time that you have with your kids before they embark on their next academic year at school.

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