Help! My garden isn’t toddler-friendly

Help! My garden isn’t toddler-friendly

My garden is the bain of my life.

OK, that’s a slight exaggeration since I don’t really spend much time lamenting over it. But unfortunately, therein lies the problem.

I need to think about it because it really needs sorting out.

Help! My garden isn't toddler-friendly

Before we had Moo, we committed to removing the manky pond and all of it’s wild foliage to make the garden child-friendly. Fresh-faced, pregnant and enthusiastic, I helped my husband dig it out over a weekend

And that’s how it stayed for the next year or so. A big, muddy patch of weeds and dirt.

Then, just before summer (can I even call it summer?) we planted some grass-seed so that our miserable patch of land could join in with the rest of the lawn. I figured that since it would be sunny soon (optimistic eh!?), Moo and I could get outside everyday and enjoy playing on the grass.

But the sun never came

And I forgot all about the lawn. That is, until I lost the rabbit one day… and eventually found her nestled in the middle of the tall, wild, grasslands that were now dominating my back garden.

What with ticks and weeds and whatever else is lurking in that mini forest, it’s hardly safe for a crawling or toddling baby. Something needs to be done!

And the grass isn’t the only issue.

We appear to have inherited the world’s spikiest bushes. Some people have beautiful flowers and colourful plants in their gardens. We have murderous hedges.

So our outdoor space is entirely unsuitable for a little one, which really bugs me as I’d love to take her out there to play. Daddy also has his heart set on putting up some mini football goals and getting her into ‘the beautiful game’, so it’s in all our best interests to sort it out.

But where to start?

I’ll admit that I’m not the most green-fingered of souls – every houseplant I’ve ever owned has died despite my best efforts.

What I think would work best is a couple of simple, easy adjustments:

1) Investing in a good quality set of tools from SGS like a proper lawnmower and an actual hedgetrimmer (rather than hacking at the bushes with my poor, rusty shears).

2) Once equipment is assembled, tackling the lawn above all else. In our previous house, we had to avoid murdering frogs, sloe worms and mice (we lived at the back of an allotment!) so we’re not the most enthusiastic mowers. And judging by the height of the grass, I’d say it could be home to all sorts of wonderful things!

3) Trim down all the bushes and attempt to dig the spiky ones up. It’s inevitable that a baby will head for the most dangerous item in the garden, so it’s got to be done soon.

4) Plant a couple of easy-to-maintain flowers around the borders to make it look a bit prettier. Hopefully neither the rabbit nor toddler decides to eat said plants.

5) Pop a couple of stepping-stone slabs on one side of the lawn to stop the grass getting all muddy when we have to walk on it in winter.

So far, I’ve made a sorry attempt on a particularly evil-looking bush, but I’m not sure it’s much of an improvement…

I’m thinking that I need to take it seriously as a project and become a bit of a Charlie Dimmock to get it sorted (although I will be wearing a bra!). I need the right tools and the right ideas… which is where you come in lovely readers.

Can you help me?

Can any of you green-fingered folk give me any tips, tricks or pointers as to what else I should be thinking about? Please help me make my garden toddler-friendly – drop your advice in the comments below!

Once I’ve had a go, I’ll let you know how I get on.

(Oh and PS. despite my best efforts, the little one can’t quite work out how to crawl at the moment, so I still have a little time to sort it all out.)

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  1. lyliarose
    August 20, 2017 / 2:21 pm

    We moved into our home over 3 years ago and we’re still working on our garden! It’s a mammoth task and there’s 90ft of it. We also had to remove a pond once in, it seemed a shame, but I was too petrified the kids would fall in or I’d leave the door open accidently! Plus I wanted them to have free range from the house to the garden and not have to lock them in. We’re just trying to do as much to the garden now before the weather gets too cold/bad to want to be outdoors. I still think it’s going to take us another 1-2 summers to really get it all how we want it (which we keep changing our minds about anyway!) Best of luck with your garden 🙂

    • muffintopmummyblog
      August 20, 2017 / 6:57 pm

      Thank you lovely – wow that does sound mammoth! Yeah I would have liked to spruce up the pond a bit, but it’s just not worth the risk is it!? I think I might do the essential bits now to ‘baby-proof’ the space and then take my time like you to make it actually a nicer place to be! X

  2. August 21, 2017 / 1:17 pm

    We are at this point with our garden – I’m planning on tackling it next year, as we’re about to get some work done on the house. I will follow your endeavours with interest!

    • muffintopmummyblog
      August 21, 2017 / 2:11 pm

      Thank you! Garden mown so far and already looks a million times better! 😊

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