A helping hand in my fitness journey from Madeat94.com

A helping hand in my fitness journey from Madeat94.com

I’ve spent a lot of time championing body confidence recently.

However, just because I’m comfortable and happy in my own skin, does not mean that there isn’t room for improvement. There certainly is.

I’m still focused on health and fitness

I put on a lot of weight during pregnancy and now, 9 months later, I’m still in the process of losing it. Not because society or social media tell me I should, but because my BMI is still high.

I actually don’t mind how I currently look. It’s softer, curvier and generally fairly decent. I feel strong and above all else, happy.

But I’d rather leave the overweight category behind and get back to a healthy, weight range – I am pretty short after all.

Since I’ve never really followed a weight loss plan, the world of slimming has been fairly new to me. But one of the key things I’ve found is to record as much as I can to motivate and effect change. However, up until recently I was just doing this on an app – which is easy to ignore if you don’t open it…

But then, the wonderful madeat94.com sent me this gorgeous, personalised weight loss plaque:

Weight-loss plaque from madeat94.com
I’ve popped it on the wall in my kitchen. Updating it weekly with my progress, I’m then reminded throughout the week of my healthy target weight. I find it much more motivating to see the numbers and progress in front of me. Especially when they look this pretty!

Madeat94.com is a family-run company based in the UK that make a whole range of personalised wooden signs and plaques for a variety of occasions. I’m thinking I might pop back next month and pick something up for our 2nd wedding anniversary (although the husband “didn’t think we were doing our first anniversary” last year!).

So now I have the added motivation to continue on my quest for health and fitness. It’s so easy to forget how far I’ve come when I don’t see the numbers in front of me!

I’m pretty confident in my progress

However, as we speak (well, as you read), I’m currently on my baby-free holiday with my sister. I had a mini wobble about not having lost all of the baby weight before I have to strip down to my bikini… Then I remembered that I’m a wife, mother and badass. I don’t really care about whether I still look about 4 months pregnant. And if Jane-by-the-swimming-pool (loads of Jane’s in Majorca, right!?) thinks I look terrible, cool stuff. Jane does not bother me.

All I want to do is chill, read, eat and drink wine for 4 days – and that is exactly what I’m going to do. Bikini and all.

When I return home, I’ll then check in and see where I am, adjust my lovely little plaque accordingly, and get back on it.

So now all there is to worry about is whether Daddy remembers the spare nappies while he’s on full-time baby care duty! He’s notoriously bad at packing the changing bag. I’ve had to leave him a checklist to make sure he doesn’t end up with a smelly, naked baby on his outings!

I’ll check back in with you after my holiday to let you know how it all went…!

*The wonderful family at madeat94.com sent me the weight-loss plaque in return for a review – you can find their range on their website, Facebook and Instagram. You can be assured that all stories and opinions are my own – please see my disclosure page for more info. 


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