Guest series: my body is beautiful because… Arianasohana Beauty

Guest series: my body is beautiful because… Arianasohana Beauty

Welcome back to my guest series ‘My body is beautiful because…’

I am joined today by the gorgeous Arianasohana Beauty who is sharing with us her journey with her body. From battling with body image, to finding love and acceptance, this is an inspirational story! 

Grab a cuppa, and let’s begin…

My body is beautiful because…

Two years ago I had my wonderful baby girl! Before my pregnancy I was gluten wheat and dairy free it was horrible and it made loosing weight really hard.

With the miracle of pregnancy my IBS disappeared and even though I ate so much I was loosing weight. I know every girls dream right?!

I, like so many others have battled with body image and weight since I was about 12 years old. From people calling me “chubby” to low self confidence to not wearing the clothes I wanted I’ve been through it all.


We got married a few months ago and I wanted to look and feel my best so I went on a “diet”. Nothing much was happening until I started doing YouTube workouts then I really started seeing a difference.

I realised that it wasn’t about the number on the scales or the tag on my jeans, it was all about how I felt inside. Now I wear whatever I want, I rock my curves, I eat as healthy as I can but allow myself treats and I really enjoy my workouts!

So I feel my body is beautiful because I have created a life with it! I have learned to love myself and I finally accept myself for who I am and I love it! Wobbly tummy and all!

Yes! High five for rocking your curves lady! 

This journey sounds very similar to my own. Actually enjoying workouts is one of the big things I realised that could help me in my quest for self-love too! I really love the positive ending to this post and I hope it will help inspire others who are feeling low on self confidence right now.

If you want to learn more about Arianasohana Beauty, you can visit her blog here. She can also be found on on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.

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