Guest series: my body is beautiful because… Autumn’s mummy

Guest series: my body is beautiful because… Autumn’s mummy

Thank you for stopping by my guest series ‘My body is beautiful because…’

The wonderful Laura from Autumn’s mummy is sharing her thoughts on her body today in this thought-provoking piece:

My body is beautiful because the shape of my stomach, my stretch marks and scars tell my story.

Life is not led in bubble wrap, it’s full of experiences and as such, our bodies are shaped by those experiences.

The most beautiful experience of all was growing, carrying and birthing my amazing daughter.

I’m very self conscious of my stomach, but I’m trying to learn to accept it because each of those stretch marks shows how well my baby grew and that it gave me the most beautiful thing I could ever have asked for.

I love the line ‘Life is not led in bubble wrap’ – so true and something so often forgotten!

If you want to learn more about Laura, you can visit her blog Autumn’s mummy here. She can also be found on on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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