Prepping for the festive season with

Prepping for the festive season with

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the majority of the year, you’ll know that the holiday season is fast approaching.

First to arrive will be Halloween – signalling the start of all things festive!

Luckily for me, Moo is too young this year to know that sweets and chocolate are obligatory over Halloween and beyond. Unluckily for me, that means I won’t get to keep them in the house… although that will no doubt help with my waistline!

Along with all the fun and festivities of this time of year comes some of the not-so-fun things. For example, my baby is growing up (she’s turning one next month – sob), we’re already catching all sorts of lovely winter bugs and I can’t keep up with the constant fluctuations in temperature.

This time of year is also a busy one

We’ve already had our fair share of colds, sickness and growing pains… but as the evenings get darker and wrapping up warm becomes a must, I realise that it’s time to get prepared for winter.

Which is weird, seeing as it feels like only 2 seconds ago I was preparing for summer. I’m still carrying the Factor 50 around in Moo’s changing bag!

So, since the next few months are bringing us both the joy of the festivities and the misery of returning to work and my baby growing up way too fast, I need to cover all bases.

I’ve been putting together a list of ‘must-have’ baby items for the change of seasons for a while now… but I’d never actually got round to making any purchases.

And then I was invited to give a whirl.

I’ve never ordered my pharmacy bits online before – but I was excited to try it out.

So the hard work began…. I put on my PJs, cosied up on the sofa with a cuppa, ticked off my list and ordered my items within the space of about 10 minutes.

Done. Finito. Sorted.

So what did I need?

I was a woman on a mission to get Moo through these next few months in one piece.

There were two main areas I needed to cover – winter wellness and growing up.

My list included:

Winter wellness

  • Calpol nasal spray – I ran out earlier this year and do not want to remember during the first festive cold
  • Dentinox cradle cap shampoo – She’s still suffering with a bit of cradle cap, which I don’t think the colder weather is helping
  • Aveeno baby moisturisng lotion – She has quite dry, sensitive skin which has gotten worse as the seasons change, but I’ve heard good things about this stuff
  • Dermalex Repair Eczema Cream for Babies and Children – She’s also developed a few eczema patches, but so far, this steroid-free cream seems to be doing the job

Growing up

  • Tommee Tippee self-feeding spoons – I have to relinquish control at some point and I’m hoping these help minimise the damage
  • Nuby Straw cup – Moo can’t work out how to drink out of a sippy cup by herself, but I had a feeling a straw would be different…
  • MAM 12 months+ soothers – We only use dummies for sleeping (and once she loses them, she’s not bothered either) but I wanted some age-appropriate ones to put my mind at ease

And did stock these items?

Yep, I certainly got what I came for!

The website has a section dedicated to ‘Mother, Baby and Child’ which made it easy and simple to find everything I was after. Especially since this is then organised into further categories to help you navigate around quickly.

In fact, I actually ended up with some bath toys as well because I found them in the very helpful ‘You may also like’ section at the bottom of the shampoo page. Considering Moo gets bored and frustrated in the bath, I figured I’d take them up on their recommendation.

I do love it when the thinking is done for me… my poor brain suffers enough!

How long did they take to get here?

Since I hadn’t placed an order like this before, I had no idea what timeframe to expect. Nor did I know whether they’d all be delivered together. Or even if they’d be in one piece.

Thankfully, delivery was quick and easy.

I ordered Monday evening, had a shipping email Wednesday and received my items bright and early Friday morning. No issues, no fuss.

They all arrived in one brown, discreet box. Inside, everything was bubble wrapped in sensible packages (ie. the dummies were together etc) which somewhat excited me. Until I somewhat decided I needed to get a life…

Would I recommend

Only if you enjoy saving time and shopping en mass for ease and convenience.

If you prefer lugging your small child to the shops every ten seconds when you run out of something… then it’s probably not for you.

From now on, I’m stocking up on the essentials in my PJs, with my cuppa (or wine… depending on the mood) safely from the comfort of my sofa. That way, I’ll save time for the more important things in life… like inventing a ‘stop growing up potion’ for my little baby!

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