Starting nursery – a new chapter with Petit-Fernand name labels

Starting nursery – a new chapter with Petit-Fernand name labels

My heart is in my mouth.

My brain is melting to a puddle on the floor.

I physically cannot comprehend how we’ve reached Moo’s first birthday month already. I’m about 99.9% sure I gave birth to her a minute ago, right? She was a newborn baby the last time I checked.

But even worse than my teeny tiny baby growing up, is the fact that I have got to go back to work.

It’s not the work bit that bothers me (I just waltz around looking pretty and intelligent), it’s the leaving my little girl. We’ve been bestest buddies for a whole year – what am I going to do without my beloved sidekick?

The thing is, she’s not a clingy baby. In fact, although she loves nothing more than a cuddle with mummy, if she sees something or someone more interesting, she’s off. I regularly leave her with Grandma or her Aunties and she’s happy as larry. She’ll merrily go up and chat to people (unaware she makes no sense) without so much as a backward glance.

So I’m pretty sure she’ll be fine at nursery. Actually, I bet she’ll love it.

Plus, she’ll only be there for 2 days a week (she’s with Grandma for one day), so I know I have even less reason to worry.

But worry I do

I’ve been trying to work out what I’ll actually need to send her in with when the time comes. And how on earth I’m going to keep track of her bags, toys, clothes and all the other junk that travels with a toddler. I looked into ordering some name labels but was a bit uninspired (and there’s no way I’m sewing).

Then I heard about Petit-Fernand.

A French-based company (I’m pretty much sold at anything French – I love the country!), their range of personalised labels and items are cute, modern and exactly what I was looking for.

When they invited me to try out some labels for Moo – I couldn’t wait to sit down with my husband and get designing!

What did we order?

We ordered the nursery label pack which comes with:

20 stick-on clothing labels

40 iron-on clothing labels

10 stick-on shoe labels

50 stick-on item labels

That’s 120 labels overall for £28 and free shipping. Not bad at all!

I placed the order late on a Monday evening and my labels were popped through the post bright and early on Friday. Considering they’d been personalised and shipped from France, I was not expecting the turnaround to be that quick. Even better was that they come in a small ‘book’ form, meaning the envelope easily fit through the letterbox. Always a win when you don’t have to wait in for the postman!

What was the personalisation like?

Whilst shopping around for name labels, I’ve seen some pretty pants personalisation.

However, Petit-Fernand has an excellent range of colours, fonts, images and patterns that help make your items both unique and exciting.

My husband disagreed on pretty much everything I chose – but naturally I won the argument.

So Moo’s labels are mainly based around a pink theme with a cute little penguin. Not exactly gender neutral, but hey ho. You can mix each set up with different colours and patterns – which is something I was particularly excited about. Hopefully Moo will be a little older next time I buy more and we can choose our themes together!

The quality on the actual labels is also fantastic and I’m proud to be sending her in labelled up to the max.

Petit-Fernand name label

Moo’s name expertly edited out by moi!

What have I used them for?

So far, I have named up Moo’s coat, shoes and changing bag.

As I start getting more bits ready for nursery, I’ll be labelling them like there’s no tomorrow. From her sippy cup and muslin to her favourite books and toys… nothing will be safe. In fact, I might just stick one on her forehead to ensure she is returned to me correctly.

I’m not possessive or anything…

I genuinely would recommend Petit-Fernand for personalised children’s labels so go ahead and check them out.

And I promise to keep you posted about my return to work ordeal as we inch closer to the dreaded D-day!

*We were gifted a Petit-Fernand name label nursery pack for the purpose of this review. However, you can be assured that all stories and opinions are my own – please see my disclosure page for more info. 


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