The ‘return to work’ countdown begins…

The ‘return to work’ countdown begins…

I’ve been MIA.

I hope you missed me. I missed you. Honestly, I did.

So, where did I buggar off to then? Well, following the slightly meltdown-y post about overwhelm, I decided to take a step back. Every blogger I spoke to confirmed that they had also had similar feelings and a break was the best way to get back on top of everything.

So I logged out, flew to Lanzarote (planned, not just sporadically) and stopped thinking about blogging. Well, I thought about it, just chose not to do it.

And it felt good.

It was a much-needed holiday away from the random and often ridiculous stresses of modern life.

But now I’m back. And don’t worry, I’ll blog all about my first family holiday away soon enough.

But today… I need to make a statement.

I’m going back to work in 3 weeks

Granted, it’s for 3 days the week before Christmas and then I have the Christmas week off again… but it’s enough to fill me with the fear.

Maternity leave has quite literally been the best year of my life. For all the struggles with lack of sleep, too much poo, a strong-willed daughter and looking like I fell out of a waste disposal unit, there has been a bouncing baby girl to counteract it. Moo has swayed from bring hugely independent (which had me questioning her loyalties) to a snugly little one year old.

Yep, she’s just turned one. It doesn’t really make sense, but apparently that’s how time works!

Mummy and moo

I have a bond with my baby like I never knew possible. It takes all I have to stop myself nibbling on her cheek every 30 seconds.

So what am I going to do with myself when I have no cheeks to nibble on for a whole day!?

I’m not actually too worried about the actual work part of work. In fact, I’m rather looking forward to being a proper grown-up again. I get to dress nicely, brush my hair and wear make-up. I will be privy to adult conversations and banter and use skills that hopefully haven’t been replaced by episodes of Bing!

For 3 days a week, I’ll be ‘free’

But, on the flip-side, I do quite enjoy being a baby’s prisoner. Alright, maybe not any baby, but mine is a very cute captor. She’s still pretty independent so I don’t really have any worries about her well-being at nursery… She’ll handle it like a pro. It’s going to be me who is weeping in the corner during the settling in sessions. I’m half-tempted to use a T-shirt printing service like Printsome to send her in with my face on her clothing – just so she absolutely cannot forget who I am.

I know that I am so so lucky to be able to have it all.

Working part-time hours means I get 3 days to play grown-up and 4 to be mummy. And I honestly do appreciate my luck.

But it’s stepping into the unknown by leaving my little sidekick and it’s scary.

I am scared.

And I don’t doubt for a second that I’m not the only mummy returning to work who has felt this way.

So come on working mums – share with me your insight, wisdom and any coping strategies for those first few days of missing baby!

*This is a collaborative post



  1. mumversation
    November 28, 2017 / 9:29 pm

    I’m going back to work as well after maternity number two.
    Only advice I have is to just take each day and week as it comes. It can be too overwhelming to look to far into the future.
    It will get hard, I work 4 days a week and after three months I struggled but then it got better again.
    An old boss of mine used to say fake it until you make it, even if you feel crap just get through the day and over time you will think wow I’m doing the impossible.
    So do your best and that’s all that matters…I just need to remind myself that when I start dropping the baby off with my toddler next year. X

    • muffintopmummyblog
      November 30, 2017 / 2:39 pm

      Oh my word I really needed to hear all of this. Thank you so much for the advice – it’s already feeling overwhelming and I’m not even back yet! One step at a time – I feel like this is going to be mantra now! X

      • mumversation
        November 30, 2017 / 2:56 pm

        Good luck x

  2. December 2, 2017 / 11:45 am

    Good luck with your return to work! Ekk! It’s not easy, especially if you have loved every minute being at home. I think that sometimes it’s the build up of going back (the count down) that can really effect us. Try not to think about it too much and take it as it comes I would say. For me, as soon as my butt touched my seat at my desk, it felt like I hadn’t been away at all. Let us know how you get on. Thanks for joining us for the #DreamTeam xx

    • muffintopmummyblog
      December 2, 2017 / 11:00 pm

      I have literally had dreams over this year that I’m back at work and it feels like I’ve never been away! To be honest, it could probably be 10 years maternity and it’d feel the same. I’m def going to make the most of the next 2 weeks. Thank you lovely 😊 x X

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