My body is beautiful because… Me Becoming Mum

My body is beautiful because… Me Becoming Mum

You lucky things… I have a new addition to my guest series ‘My body is beautiful because…’!

The gorgeous Naomi from Me Becoming Mum is sharing her raw, honest and very moving truths about her body today. I can relate to a lot of what Naomi says in this post and think it’s a really moving take on learning to find your body beautiful again after having children.

It’s all about you, Naomi:

Hi, I’m Naomi and I blog over at Me Becoming Mum. I like to write honest posts, keeping it real about the truths and realities of my life from pregnancy and parenthood, to being a wife and running my own business.

I am a 26 year old wife of six and a half years and mummy to two beautiful little girls, my eldest turned three in February 2017 and my youngest who will be one in December 2017.

I found this quite a hard guest post to write. I think along with the subject of my miscarriages, the subject of my body is one of the touchiest subjects for me to face up to. I am not as slim as I used to be, and with the addition of scars and stretch marks I have struggled with my self-image in the past few years. In the end I decided on the most obvious reason I believe my body is beautiful; my children.

My body is beautiful because… it survived two miscarriages, and still bore more children.

Our two angel babies are always close to my heart. After our first I was told I would never be able to have children, and in the end we needed help in order to conceive our eldest daughter, but my body managed to do what the doctors said it wouldn’t and now I have two beautiful girls to call my own.


My body is beautiful because… it survived two rough pregnancies.

Carrying my two girls wasn’t easy for me. I bled from spotting to pouring blood during both, the obvious reaction to which was that I was losing another baby. I had multiple trips into hospital due to severe sickness, the bleeding, reduced foetal movements, fainting spells, our youngest daughter’s escape attempt at 27 weeks (early labour) and more. Yet somehow my body managed to grow two healthy 7lb+ babies and carried them both (with a little help) to over the 39 week mark.

My body is beautiful because… it gave birth to two very different but equally beautiful children.

My girls could not be any different. They are the literal representation of chalk and cheese. My eldest has blonde hair and blue eyes, did everything “by the book” from sleeping through the night at six weeks to easy weaning at six months, and is a massive daddy’s girl. My youngest has dark hair and eyes, still doesn’t sleep through the night and would much prefer to breastfeed over real food well beyond the time her sister had decided she didn’t want breast milk anymore, and is a mummy’s girl to boot. In spite of their differences they really are both amazing children. They are beautiful, full of personality and an absolute joy to be around. If they weren’t, my decision to be a stay at home mum might not have been such an easy one to make!

I think that my children are a fantastic reason to have the changes to my body that I have. Despite the fact that I may never learn to love the looser skin and stretch marks; I can learn to accept that they are there, and know that even with them my body is beautiful because it has done and amazing thing in growing, carrying and birthing my girls.

What a story. I know you found this hard to write Naomi, but I’m so glad you shared it with us. I think that sometimes, we are so critical of our own bodies that we completely forget the journey they’ve been on. Turning the tough times into a reason to be proud of your body is a true example of beauty that goes beyond anything a bit of saggy skin or stretchmarks can touch. It was very inspiring to read (and host) this and it made me reflect and appreciate my own journey. 

If you want to learn more about Naomi, you can visit her blog Me Becoming Mum here. She can also be found on on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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