Spending a Christmas evening snuggled up with Morrisons

Spending a Christmas evening snuggled up with Morrisons

Despite what the title of this post might suggest, I didn’t spend a wintery evening cuddling a supermarket building.

Which would just be weird.

I did, however get sent a massive box of goodies from my favourite supermarket to make my family’s Christmas that little bit more special.

Moo and Morrisons

Now, when I say favourite, I’m not exaggerating. I don’t love Morrisons (or ‘Mo Mos’ as us cool kids refer to it) because I’m a blogger and they asked me to. Nor did I form an allegiance after receiving my Christmas box.


I have been a firm devotee to the supermarket for around 2 years now – ever since we moved to the Midlands. There is something about the store layout, the prices and the bakery section that keeps me coming back for more every week. In fact, I actually love shopping there so much that I shun online for the real deal every Sunday. And I drive past several other major supermarkets just to get there.

But enough about my lovefest with Mo Mos. I think even they might find me creepy right about now…

Morrisons – the one-stop Christmas shop

So although they didn’t know I was an incredibly creepy fan, the wonderful team at Morrisons sent me over a giant box of treats to make my winter evenings all Christmassy and cosy.

Moo and her goodies from Morrisons

Included in this amazing hamper was a soft, snuggly blanket, the Finding Dory DVD, soft toys for Moo, snacks for mummy and A LOT of Christmas cards.

You see, what Mo Mos would like my readers to know is that they aren’t just there for the food shop. Think food, home furnishings, decorations, family entertainment, toys and more. In fact, they are quite literally a one-stop shop for all your Christmas (and probably beyond) needs.

I’m not going to lie – I knew they were pretty handy for my Christmas shopping. I’d already picked up a number of toys and gift basket-type-things. But I didn’t actually realise how far their ranges extended.

And I had NO IDEA how many cards they had.

I literally have the next 10-20 years in Christmas cards sorted. From cards to my daughter, parents, husband, friends, family and even pets… Morrisons seem to have it covered. Now all I’ve got to do is convince my husband to get a dog so we can use the ‘from my dog’ Christmas card.

Morrisons range of Christmas cards

Wish me luck!

A snuggly night snowed in

So what did I do with my amazing Morrisons goodies?

Well friends, I happened to get snowed in this weekend. Pretty sure you’re aware of the million inches of snow that fell in parts of the UK (slight exaggeration). So since I couldn’t gym-it like I’d planned, I decided to cuddle up with my baby girl and husband and enjoy some family time.

Winter Wonderland garden

We whacked on Finding Dory, dove into the mince pies and warmed up under our new blanket. And since I’ll be (gulp) returning to work next week, spending this time together made it all the more special.

It was a blissful, snowy evening.

I may have even cracked on with a few Christmas cards and made up some Mulled wine (did I mention they sent me some sachets?) just to get completely in the festive spirit.

Thank you Morrisons – you made our wintery weekend all the more special.

Happy half-eaten snowman lolly

However, today is another day

And that means I have to brave it food shopping with the world around me still under several inches of thick snow.

Will I go somewhere closer to home? Will I heck! I need all the bakery items I can stock up on.

Mo Mos… I’m coming for you!

*Disclaimer: I was sent a box of goodies from Morrisons, the one-stop Christmas shop as part of this review/post. However, all slightly insane and/or creepily excitable opinions are entirely my own.


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