Returning to work isn’t THAT scary

Returning to work isn’t THAT scary

So yeah, I errr, took another break.

Blogging is hard graft. Throw in returning to work, multiple car breakdowns, attempting to house buy and trying to be a more tidy, organised household… there isn’t much room left to keep up with the virtual world.

On maternity, I spent a lot of my time glued to my phone, drinking in the blogging highs and lows – it was certainly a comfort on some of the more lonely days. I made a hobby into something that boosted my teeny tiny maternity pay packet. I owe Muffin top mummy a lot of gratitude. But having taken a longggg break while trying to get back into the swing of working life, I’ve become a little ‘cba’ about the whole thing.

Which is fairly upsetting seeing as a few months ago, it was a lifeline. And a way to keep my passion for writing alive.

So instead of treating it as a mini pay packet, I’ve decided I am going to carry on blogging – just for fun. Yep, shocker! Possibly the ultimate sin for someone with a little hint of success.

But anyways… enough about this blog.

What you want to know is:

Am I really finding it OK to be back at work?

And the truth is, yes.

I was so terrified of leaving my daughter, I couldn’t possibly imagine a scenario where I was actually happy with the balance of part-time working and being a mum. The word ‘nursery’ would send shivers down my spine.

But nursery is genuinely the best. They love her – and in the space of about 2 weeks (so only 4 sessions in total), she loved them! It’s more than I could have ever hoped for.

Knowing she is well cared for and entertained ensures that I’m able to get on with my working day without stress or worry.

A few weeks before returning, I was offered a slightly different position than the one I’d held pre-baby. It completely aligns with the sort of thing I LOVE doing, and so I took the opportunity with gratitude and optimism. And it’s completely paid off. I know I was given an incredibly lucky break – and I keep that in mind every day when I leave for work.

I really thought I’d spend my 3 days in the office feeling awful and wishing I could rush off and rescue my little girl. And for the first couple, I did. But as I’ve settled in and started getting my teeth into the grown-up world again, I’ve realised that I actually feel more accomplished. Staying at home 24/7 with a baby is hard – sometimes the quiet days drag on forever.

Going to work adds a little spice and variety to life, not to mention motivates me to actually brush my hair and put on make up.

I NEVER thought I’d be saying this. I thought the ‘stay-at-home’ life would be a dream come true.

What on earth did I know!?

I love the balance I’m starting to get, and I’m so pleased with my decision to return to part-time work. In turn, I’m also incredibly grateful that I was able to take advantage of flexible working opportunities and alter my contract. Having spoken to many mothers who weren’t offered such flexibility, I know I’m in a pretty decent place.

Going back to work has also allowed us to start house-hunting. In fact, we are in the process of buying our dream first home right now! It’s all very exciting and I’m more motivated than ever to work hard and provide everything I can for my daughter.

So all I can say is, if you are nervous about returning to work, trust in yourself, take it slowly and enjoy the benefits that it can bring. You never know, you may well find yourself as surprised as I was to realise you actually enjoy it.

And remember, we are mothers, which makes us unstoppable.


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